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1. Hospitality coordination
・Review the customer service style that matches the concept
・Construct operations that match the concept
・Customer service training that incorporates service styles
・Creating manuals that match the concept and customer service style
・Analysis of appropriate personnel (personnel costs) that matches the concept
​・ Report on the status of store management by masked survey

2. Hotel/Restaurant Produce
・Concept drafting
(Owner's thoughts, location, expected customers, style, design)
・Store design
(A layout that considers operation is matched to the concept)
・Operation construction
(Business style considering concept and profit)
・Operator selection
(From operator proposal to selection according to the concept)
・Staff recruiting
(Coordinating human resources that match the concept)
・Staff training
(Training of staff full of hospitality that makes the most of individuality)

3. trainers training
・Training of in-house customer service trainers
・Training of supervisors
・Training of store managers (playing managers)
・Training of operation leaders (maître d'tel)

VMDRelated coordination
・Store logo design
・Menu design
・In-store art and decorations
・Selection of amenities/equipment
​・Web design

5. others
・Overseas branch support (New York/Los Angels/Maiami/Hawaii/Italia/Spain)
・Regional revitalization support
・Dissemination of Japanese culture

・Various seminars/lectures
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